Company Description

I will start off by saying that I will not as most websites, go into too much unnecessary depth and details of this product and service, because chances are that you already know what this product consists of and would primarily like to gather more information as to who we are , what we do, and other basic information around the company. If however you are in the dark as to what Solid Surfacing is, and would like to find out more of what it is we do, kindly find the highlighted section on the top of the website under “what is solid surfacing”


The company is a division of Mammoth Granite cc, which has been in business for almost a decade, and is a well known and respected brand in the market.


We have a very hands on approach when it comes to business and our clients, we trust that we are working with other good , honest people, also trying to make a better living and we treat them as such, we believe that clients are the most valuable assets a business can have, and neglecting them can be catastrophic, that is why we focus on building a healthy long term personal relationship with all our clients. This approach has helped us achieve great heights in the granite and marble industry, and we will keep on focusing on that winning formula that has paid good dividends in the past, and is directly applicable to the solid surfacing company.


We are located in Anderbolt Boksburg and function within the whole of south Africa, but we are by no means geographically restrained. We are capable enough to handle any project at any destination that is required.

Company Vision

It is our vision to be the pace-setters in the Solid Surfacing industry, and to be recognized as the first choice fabricator and installer for solid surfacing in South Africa..

Company Mission

Our mission is to focus on the basic fundamentals of business: to deliver the best products and services, to maintain competitive prices and rates, and to satisfy our clients’ needs in return for a profit to sustain long term growth and ensure both business longevity and employee job security. We will emphasize training, embrace diversity and provide growth opportunities for our associates for long term success. We are committed to act in the highest ethical manner and respect the rights and dignity of others. We aspire to make MSS SA’s premier Solid Surfacing fabricator and installer.